Make It Count

by No Option

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released July 20, 2019

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Wyatt Oberholzer at The Knife Lair in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vocals: Jack Zabinski
Guitar: Richie Long
Guitar: Jack Beatson
Bass: Kyle Simpers
Drums: Frank Thomson

Interlude by Joe Breitenbach
Additional vocals on “No Option” by Maya Roche

Artwork by Ridge Rhine


all rights reserved



No Option

Delaware, Pennsylvania & New Jersey

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Track Name: Caught
Disgusted with the things you do
You try to shake my hand and smile, like I don’t have a clue about the person you are
Did you think I forgot?
Your actions got you here and now you’re fucking caught

Won’t go out like a fool
Won’t be deceived by you
You never saw things through, what do you expect me to do?

What do you expect from me when all I hear is dishonesty?
Track Name: Try Again
Go about my business every day
In an effort to find my own way
They just wanna see me fail
Can’t let the evil prevail

Making my way to the top again
Build myself up, coming back to win

I’ll make you understand
You can’t get to me, better try again

I won’t fall victim to your twisted ways
We don’t walk the same path
We are not the same

Times are tough, but my will is tougher
You can’t get to me, you dumb motherfucker
Track Name: Get Out
I’ve got no sympathy for people like you
Talk and talk but you can’t tell the truth
Hard to believe I ever called you a friend
Chances are you’re just another passing trend
Run your mouth but you don’t know shit
A piss poor attitude; fucking quit it
Keep talking cause that’s all you do
And now the time has come for you to pay your dues

No sympathy for you and all of your friends
Didn’t wanna face the music and now you’ll finally see the end

You’ll get what’s yours and there’s no doubt about it
There’s no sense in crying and pouting
You lose your chance to talk this shit out
I’m sick of the excuses...

Track Name: Yearning
I’m tired of waking up
Thinking to myself, “For what?”
On a constant search for purpose
I don’t know much but I’m always learning


I’m learning and yearning
Every day trying to find my way

Cant shake the feeling
That life has lost its meaning
Can’t shake the feeling
That I’ll end up hanging from a ceiling

I won’t let this break me
Can’t let this sickness take me

Give me something to believe in

Serenity please come to me
Hold the rug under my feet
Refuse to fade away
That’s why I’m learning and yearning
Every day tryna find my way

Committed to living my life with a vision
Committed to deal with the hand I was given

I gotta find my way
Track Name: Make It Count
You decide how you choose to survive
Make it or break it, it’s how you thrive
Crash and burn along the way
Stand back up and let them feel your rage

Nowhere to run
This shit has only just begun
Nowhere to go with your back to the wall
The pressure is on, will you rise or fall?

Find your peace though your world is breaking,
Speak even if your voice is shaking
You gotta fake it till you make it
The choice is yours
No time to be wasting

Stand up
Let your voice be heard
At the end of the day
You and you come first

One struggle after the next
With that feeling in your chest
Speak loud, speak proud
Be true to you
Don’t be part of a fuckin crowd
Track Name: No Option
Tired of a life of constant dread
Don’t assume that I’m okay, cause I’d rather be dead
There’s not escaping from this fucked up life
Wake up in the morning wishing I was not alive

A vicious cycle I can’t break
How much more can I fucking take?
These voices in my head won’t go away
They want to see me struggle through another fucking day
Forever waiting for that fateful day
When I can wake up, and not feel pain

I gotta say
It sucks being fucked up, maybe I should just give up

I’m fucking sick and I wish that I could stop it
But at this point in my life, I have no option
Track Name: Transparent
Watching you fall in line
Just a coward with a crooked spine
You talk to me, I don’t listen to you
Transparent, I can see right through

Transparent with the things you do

I came to win now you’re gonna lose

Pass the time and follow the trends
We all know how this story ends
Fool me once you’ll never do it again

I can’t see your point of view
I will never live to conform to you and you and you

I will never conform to you
Track Name: Out of My Mind
Take a step back, look in my eyes
You never see what I want you to see
There’s a fire inside and it’s burning me alive

It wasn’t me, it was you
Spit in my face while you claimed to be true

Piece by piece, crippling me
Piece by fucking piece
I’ll make you see


I’m out of my mind
Track Name: Another Foe
Sitting on a throne of nothing
Doesn’t it get exhausting?
Living life without a second thought
Of the people you hurt and the love you lost

What’s it all worth to you?
Did you ever have a fucking clue
Of the people you slighted?
Now it’s time you’re reminded

Crossing the lines of me and mine
How could you be so blind?

How can you be so blind?

Lost my respect a long time ago
Now it’s time that everybody knows
You’re not my friend, you’re just another foe

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